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Principal Engineer
Insop Song is a Principal Engineer working at Gainspeed, where he develops game-changing cable networking systems. Previously, he has developed various embedded systems including industrial robotic systems, automotive systems, and high speed digital camera systems.

He is an avid speaker in many well recognized conferences. Few selected presentations are as follows:

1. Real-Time Linux Workshop 2012: A Hybrid Operating System Design Approach for Real-Time Systems using Hardware Acceleration
2. LinuxCon 2012, Open Source Network: Software-Defined Network (SDN) and OpenFlow
3. Freedom HEC Taipei 2012, invited speaker for Real-time Linux
4. LinuxCon Europe 2011: Reservation-Based Scheduler for Network Equipments
5. Embedded Sys. Conf. 2009: Embedded Linux systems on FPGA embedded processors
6. Embedded Sys. Conf. 2008: Embedded system design with soft-core processors and FPGA